About Matija Balantic

Matija Balantic is industry leading solo ad traffic provider in Home Business, Make Money Online and Personal Development Niches, Affiliate marketer and List Building coach.

He started his first online business way back in 2010.


He is also father of 2 beautiful kids and family man who like to travel to exotic destinations, sailing on beautiful Croatian Sea and living his live on his on terms.

He is founder and creator of The Solo Ad Lifestyle and Matija Solo Ads.

The Solo Ad Lifestyle is place where we help you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be!

He helped hundreds of people to start a profitable home-based businesses with sharing his proven practices. He mentored 10 entrepreneurs to build their online business to 6 figures.

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He also helped one of the leading US company in health niche to increase number of paid members from 10,000 to 20,000 in less then 2 years.

Over 1,000 solo buyers use his real human targeted traffic to build, grow and scale their online businesses with email marketing.

Matija once a year host high end mastermind event on his 16 meters sailing boat in Croatian Sea. Where we teach you how to build business from A to Z and in the meantime you connect with the right people and enjoy the beautiful life of freedom business.

If you’re looking for to change your life, build your own online business and start living your dream life thanks to financial freedom, click the link below to get started.

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Who is Matija Balantic

I’m an full time online entrepreneur from 2013, email marketing expert and top solo ad provider. I love helping people create profitable home-based businesses and sharing my best practices. Read my story here.

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