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"The Solo Ad Lifestyle Course!" is a from A to Z video course How To Make $3,000 Per Month With
Selling Solo Ads Traffic.
This is the most detailed course avaliable on the market.

Testing of the sales page, which you can view at, shows that it is
converting at  between 2% - 3% on pay-per-click ads and will likely convert MUCH higher still when
promoted to your own list or by providing a good review page on your website. At a tasty $35 payout per sale
and great conversion rates, you can make a very serious income by focusing your attentions on promoting this

Why spend time promoting products that give you a $10 commission per sale when, for exactly the same
amount of effort, you can be raking in a bank building $35 payout per sale??

Start making a serious effort to promote this course and you will see some serious returns! Imagine waking up,
checking your post and finding a nice fat check of $35 commisions? 

For obvious reasons I'm using ClickBank for this product, it's an awesome platform that pays you every week like clockwork. You can get your affiliate link below.

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How To Double Check That Your
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Here's How to Get  Started

The Solo Ad Lifestyle 4 Week Program will walk through students how to overcome some of the biggest
challenges people face within this industry, like;

  • They hate harassing their friends & family
  • They hate getting rejected
  • No marketing budget to properly run their business ($10,000 a month)
  • No marketing skills
  • They don't know how to generate leads to have a steady stream of qualified buyers
  • They don't know how to market to become the ATTRACTION FACTOR
  • etc.

I created this step by step video program that even people who never made many online, with no online
experience and with ZERO budget can become massive success online. After they will complete 4 weeks
of training they will have the exact blueprint and steps to run $10,000+ per month online business from
anywhere in the world.

You can promote "The Solo Ad Lifestyle 4 Week Program!" in lots of different ways, and of course the more
promotional methods you use, the larger amount your commission checks will be made out for! You can
promote via pay-per-click ads, putting a review on your site, sending a recommendation to your own list,
advertising in ezines, promoting on forums, writing articles, etc. The list is endless!

Start by implementing one method of promotion, then move on to the next and so on, until you have as
many different methods working for you as possible - That's the way to earn those huge affiliate checks!

Affiliate Promotion Tools You
Can Use Below

Promotion Emails/Swipes


Right Click and Save Image to Use!

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PayPer-Click Ads are a fast way to get started and can give you a great return on your investment!

Using good keywords and key phrases is an excellent way to get strong targeted visitors with Google,
Bing and other search engines.

The good people at Google have created a great free tool to help you generate a ton of keywords and key
phrases. You can access the Google Keyword Generator tool for Free.

Some Keyword Phrases To Get You Started

Make money from
List building
List building secrets
Working from home
Email marketing
Solo ads secrets
Solo Ads
Create solo ad business
Traffic provider
Online business
Laptop lifestyle
How to start email marketing
How to build your list for free
How to sell traffic
Sell traffic for profit
Email marketing profits
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing for beginners

Here are a couple of example PPC adds that you can use
with the above keywords:

Solo Ads Secrets
Secrets How To Profits with Solo Ads.
The 4 Week Course That Is Changing Lives!

Sell Traffic For Profits
Sell Traffic For Profits The Easy Way!
Don't Let Them Say You Can't!

Free Interview For Your Blog

Contact me - I am always here to helo you!

Email: clixbooster [@]

Free Webinar For Your Subscribers

Contact me - I am always here to helo you!

Email: clixbooster [@]

***  Final Word ***

Remember, you can earn a tasty $35 PER SALE on this product.... so what are you waiting for?! Don't be
like the vast majority of affiliates who just send out the odd email once, never do another thing and think they
yare going to earn a fortune.

Put some CONTINUOUS effort behind your promotions, do something every day and your efforts are more
likely to result in MASSIVE commission checks!

So get started, get promoting and watch your Clickbank account fill up with orders at $35 EACH!!!

Matija Balantic
Founder, The Solo Ad Lifestyle

Want do to Free Interview, Webinar Or
Video for your blog?

Contact me - I am always here to help you!

clixbooster [@]

I am looking forward to hearing from your soon, 
you deserve better, I’m here to raise your standards.

Matija Balantic

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