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Hi there...

Matija Balantic here with Natasha Sampson.

Matija Balantic

Natasha Sampson

You may have seen me over on my YouTube channel and Facebook that has BLOWN UP over the past few months...

I currently have 20,000 fans and counting…

I've been making a full-time living online since the year 2013.

I must be doing something right..

I don’t tell you this to brag.

I just want to make it clear that I know my stuff when it comes to making
money online…

...and I LOVE giving people simple methods that ANYONE can follow to make
a lot of money quickly.

You'll notice something different here...

I really care about my students and we produce massive results with 100%
proven and tested method that will makes you money on the internet.

Today is no different…

You’ll discover a simple system that anyone can use to cash in $2,069.43
monthly in passive income thanks to quick & easy eBooks.

I discovered this simple method while talking business with a good friend of
mine, Natasha Sampson.

Natasha has been quietly making THOUSANDS of dollars per month in her
spare time with a very simple publishing method.

I love this method because you don't need write a single world :-)

Just Look At These Results…

This Method Is Easy...It Is 100%
Newbie Friendly

Natasha is no different then you.

She told me: "Matija, I just followed proven simple method of creating ebooks
without writing them. I run my business in spare time and I spend only 4 hours

a week to manage my 6 figure business."

She was totally beginner with no previous experience.

She never made money online before, ZERO success online.

She is not a writer.

She don't have website or email list.

She never spend money on ads.

And she doesn't have marketing or selling skils...

Natasha tried many method in the past about how to start your own
business online but...

Everything changed when she read book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

One of the key 'Millionaire Secrets' she was taught was...

"Sell Products! Stop Exchanging Your Time For Money!"

Most people sell their time, a finite resource, and then wonder why
they are not getting rich.

When you are selling ebooks, your earning potetnital becomes uncapped!


Because there is no limit to how many ebooks you can sell, and to how many
people you can sell them to!

Selling products you can automate your business, and you can access a global
market and scale your business up rapidly!

And finally, selling ebooks is what gives your business the opportunity for
creating trully passive income..

You will make money online while you sleeep!

Natasha really become excited about creating simple ebooks because...

It Is Passive Income With FREE
Traffic And Amazon Sells For You

We have discovered how to tap into the truly no-questions-asked biggest
market of Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest player in the US field and you know that.

What you may don’t know is that Amazon OWNS the book market by 83%
in US alone, (over 480 million books a year).

And with a $232.9 Billion revenue in 2019 you don’t need to be a genius
to do the math.

Ebooks are by far the definition of passive income:

  • No Risk.
  • No Stock Needed.
  • Books Created Once, Sell Forever. ​
  • Amazon Prints Your Book Once Sold.
  • FREE TRAFFIC, Rely On Amazon! ​
  • No expert tech skills required.
  • And the Best Part is you do not even write a single book. have more then 200 million visitors per month, so you will
never have to worries about traffic. 

It’s Consistently Making Her Money
This Month After Month...

And Here’s How Much She Made
The Past Few Weeks...

You Can Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Month In Your Spare Time

When You Make Money While You
Sleep, You Have REAL Freedom
In Your Life…

Natasha was totally beginner with zero online success few months ago...

Now she is making thousands of dollars every month thanks to simple work
that Natasha did just once and she keeps getting paid over and over again... month after month.

This trully is passive income... Do it once and get paid forever.


She was just like you, ripped off with buying complex systems from so called "gurus" making millions by selling crappy system that you never get results.

That is why she decided to finally reveal my system to the world...

So that EVEN complete NEWBIES can finally make real money online rather
than living off false promises...

Simple Calculation for Your
Online Wealth

Do you know how many ebooks at say $9,95 each, that you have to
sell a day to make a totally life-changing income? Well, how much
does your lifestyle need changing?

Let's take a look...

Just 2 sales a day.

What does that achieve?

2 Sales a day at $9,95 = $19,9 a day.

2 Sales a day x 30 days at $9,95 per sale = $597.00 a month!!

What if...

You decided to create 20 of these eBooks?

Let’s do the math...

20 eBooks just 2 sales a day

Each making $597.00 per month

20 x $597.00 per eBook per month = $11,940 a month

With NO Marketing, NO Selling and WITHOUT Writing a Single

Natasha Said "YES" To Reveal Everything From A To Z

I know Natasha for few months now and I was blow away when
she showed me her process from A to Z.

That was the easiest method for making money online that every beginner
can do...

I invite her to fine dinner and in the middle I asked:

"Natasha I was thinking about your simpple method you showed me.

You are making thousands of dollars every month working in spare time...

I would really like to share your method to my 10,000 fans on Facebook
and You Tube...

Of course I don't want that everyone copy your method..

So we will charge small amount of fee to get access...

But you need to agree with one thing...

I will reveal everything... Every step you do so everyone can easy follow
your method and become successful.

What do you think?"


then she said...

"YES Matija, lets do it!"

Introducing....xy method

What You’ll Discover Inside
This Powerful Training Course

Step-By-Step Video Training

How to create a simple ebook in the next 48 hours (even if you don't have a topic yet!)

How to publish your ebooks instantly on the Amazon Kindle platform

'How I created 49 new passive income streams with a $900 investment'

How to outsource the entire 'ebook publishing' process in 3 easy steps!

...and much, much more!

Never Work Again: How To Make $20 000 A Month Thanks To Outsourcing!

How to save hours of writing by following a simple structure –THIS WILL AMAZE YOU!

How to write a book that makes you stand out in your field

How to generate massive passive income while you sleep and replace your job income.

The Multiple-Streams-Of-Cash-Flow Strategy That Anyone Can Benefit From

The Fastest Way to Start Living The 4 Hour Work Week

The A9 Process to build a big, targeted and engaged audience for FREE

How to build an email list fast so you never have to worry about traffic again

The simple formula to make $10k a month in recurring monthly income (the step-by-step process)

How To Make $5,617 A Month in passive income thanks to Kindle Publishing

How to publish your ebook across all the different ebook platforms in just 5 minutes 

How to profit from Amazon’s 400 million customers and Apple’s massive iTunes customer base! -

How to make thousands of dollars a month online… without a website!

How to get a #1 bestseller on Amazon in 5 days or less!

And don’t for a minute think that you’ve seen this all before...

Why This Different Than Every Other
Training Course You’ve Ever Seen On Publishing…

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Real People Stories Following This Training Course...

"I make $1,000 a month recurring income thanks to my 3 ebooks on Amazon that I didn't even wrote them!"

Matija Balantic

"I outsoursed 3 eBooks following Natasha simply system and now I
making over $1,000 recurring income every month. This month
I planning to publish 3 more books and finally quit my 9 to 5 job.
Thank you Natasha and Matija for providing training course."

"I Gave U My Job As Security Guard And Now
Make A Full-time Living Online!"

Matija Balantic

"I just wanted to send you an email to say thanks for doing what you do.
I created 3 eBooks in my spare time while working as security guard. I own
now 10 ebooks and I gave up my job and now make a full-time living online.
I am writing this email from beautiful island Santorini in Greece."

"I made $1,600 in my first 28 days, thanks to eBook!"

Matija Balantic

"Hi, I joined your course around 8 weeks ago. I finally finished
writing simple ebook '100 ways how to make $5,000 a month...' I made
$1,600 in my first 28 days after publishing my first eBook. I am now making
a steady $700 a week already and I had best ever day last week of $247
INCOME IN JUST ONE DAY. I went from massive debt to massive success
and financial freedom! I already brainstorm for my new ebook :-)."

Lock-in Your Discount On xxy
Method Right Now…

We know you get a lot of emails about various methods and business
opportunities that promise to change your life and make you a lot of money quickly.

You’ve very likely even tried some of these methods.

Unfortunately, most of the methods and courses out there give you a short
PDF or a handful of videos and leave you to pretty much figure things out
from there.

This is totally different…

You get everything you need to start from ZERO and build a 4-5 figure
monthly passive income…

Other in-depth courses that are similar to this would easily set you back $497
or more.

We considered pricing this training similarly…

Because, it’s a proven step-by-step plan to $5k or more in the next 30 days.

But I convinced Natasha to give this training course for lower price to my

Today, you can get your hands on the entire XY Training course for just…

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Test-Drive XY Course With
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We get it.

You’ve been made some big promises
that left you struggling.

We understand if maybe you’re
a little

As you’ve seen today, we’ve shown you how much money this system has made
Natasha and her students...

And you’ve seen what real people have to say about this.

We can keep showing you success stories, proof of results, and how great this
system is until we’re blue in the faces…

...or we can just show you.

The absolute best thing we can do is just let you see it for yourself.

  • Get your hands on XY course right now.
  • Go through the step-by-step, video training and get started today.
  • Start making money WHILE you sleep.
  • Then decide if this is for you…

If for any reason, you don’t think this training is worth MANY times your tiny
investment today, we don’t want your money.

Just send us an email, and we’ll get you a refund…

It’s that simple…

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You Can Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Month In Your Spare Time

Let’s Recap Everything You Get Today
With XY Training Course…

  • Step-By-Step Video Training - Value = $497
  • Bonus #1 Kindle Case Study - Value = $197
  • Bonus #2 Secret Kindle Strategy - Value = $197
  • Bonus #3 FB Group for Kindle Mastermind - Value = $197

Total Real World Value = $1,088

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We can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Matija Balantic

Natasha Sampson

P.S. - We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about XY
course below…

Frequently Asked Questions - What
You Need To Know!

Q1: Can you really make 5k per month with this course?

A: Yes

Q2: This is about publishing... does that mean lots of work?

A: No... You can outsource everything for SUPER low amounts.
Natasha run business in spare time working little as 4 hours per
week. All shared in the course.

Q3: Is there any guarantee if I'm not happy?

A: Yes... 30 days... but we doubt you'll be unsatisfied.

Q4: Why is it so cheap?

A: We wanted to give something away that everyone could afford. Natasha Sampson paid a lot of moolah to learn this info.

Q5: Are there any bonuses?

A: Yes.. You get 3 bonuses worth $591.

But only a limited number that are running out fast.

This sounds great! How do I get instant access to this?

Click The Button Below Now
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Your Discount And

HURRY! Time is Running Out!

WARNING! Don’t wait. The price goes with every sale…
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